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YS7D is a young Swiss label that due to the importance of quality produces in Italy.

YS7D is the visualisation of an ongoing life story from every facet of life.

It is simply part of life.

Therefore, YS7D focuses on design, quality and sustainability.

The character traits of the brand are based on contemporary characteristics mixed with the tendencies.

From 2020, the label will continue to develop and focus even more intensively on sustainability.

YS7D expands the collection with new pieces.

Recycled and biological materials are in the foreground.

For the first charity event of Dementality in 2019, YS7D created a "Capsule Collection"

symbolically related to dementia, including the inspiration of an affected person

who - depending on the progress of the disease - will

at some point no longer be able to recognise the current day.

This "Capsule Collection" is marketed via the online shop

The proceeds from this line will be used in full for other dementia projects.

In addition, from every piece of the collection sold YS7D will donate a contribution to the association.