Dementality was launched in 2019 with the idea of ​​”getting the ball rolling and making a difference”.

It embodies a composite of the words ”dementia” and ”mentality”.

Fundamentally, it means the thought and behavioural pattern of a transformed personality.

In the long run, Dementality aims to continuously support the dementia affected persons and their environment

and to enable them a touch of joy and zest for life in this modern world

- even if in the end it only is for a brief moment.

The philosophy of Dementality is to become human (again)

and together to regain knowledge of the essentials.

Encounters are created and accompanied by various activities and a sustainable cuisine;

this creates memories that form an exchange.

These encounters create a unique community,

which takes into account the socio-cultural changes in the way of life of today

and ultimately corresponds to the 21st century.